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Who are we?

Our story

When did we start?

Jovetta Johnson founded JMJ Migration after becoming a registered migration agent in 2017.


How did we start?

Jovetta decided to establish her own company in her early twenties while studying law and finance at Murdoch University. She learned about immigration consultancy business through a friend and immediately started gaining work experience in the field. During this time, Jovetta discovered that only a few people can help with visa issues and the type of assistance is  known as "immigration assistance". Upon further research Jovetta learned that only a  registered migration agent, a legal practitioner, or an exempt person are allowed to provide "immigration assistance" in Australia. 

What happened next?

In 2016, Jovetta began graduate school at Murdoch University to learn about Australian immigration law so she could become a registered migration agent. In 2017, Jovetta finished her studies and applied at the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) to become a registered migration agent. 

Why JMJ Migration?

The advantage of involving us is that we now have years of expertise dealing with a variety of immigration concerns. We stays current on new laws, policy changes, opportunities, and trends, and examines various visa scenario. In doing so, our team ensures that all information and issues have been handled prior to application submission and that the application is regarded in the most favourable light possible for success. 

Our Team

Our Team

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Jovetta Johnson

LLB, B Bus, Grad Dip (Legal Practice) and Grad Cert (Migration Law) 

Migration Agent Registration Number: 1794030


Vishupriya M B
Document Control 

BCom (Co-Operation), M Com (Finance) and MBA (Finance and HR)

I am Jovetta Johnson, JMJ Migration Pty Ltd director and principal migration agent. During the last five years I had the opportunity to work for the top immigration law firm in Western Australia and also the the world's largest immigration agency. 

Due to the nature of my job and my interest in immigration law, I have had the good fortune to travel extensively around Asia and Europe to meet with clients and undertake further education. My home office is located in Western Australia, where I am domiciled. I now reside in Sydney, New South Wales, where I undertake e-discovery work, which is reviewing and analysing discovered documents to decide which are relevant to the case, which are not, and which include privileged or other protected information.

I have a very relaxed style which helps my clients feel immediately secure and confident in sharing their immigration problems with me. Having an in-depth undertsanding of my clients needs has always helped me find the best solution to their problem(s). 


Further, I am specialised in representing clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for merits review. Tribunal provides independent merits review of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs. 


Luke 6:31 is the Biblical principle upon which I base my service. This passage, known as the Golden Rule, instructs us to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The idea is to think about people first. Here at JMJ Migration I make sure that we treat people the way we want to be treated. 

Let me begin by introducing myself. My preferred name is Vishnu and I am responsible for processing internal and external documentation while maintaining the use of the organisation’s multiple document management systems and various technologies to automate the management process. 

My work helps to improve performance by increasing productivity, improving the quality of legal and non legal documents, making it easier to follow rules and regulations, making documents safer, and thus reducing the chance of a breach. 

I believe document control practises are an important safety measure that every organisation needs to take to make sure that only approved, up-to-date documentation is used throughout the organisation and that old processes or procedures aren't used by accident.

I am quite familiar with electronic document management systems and computerised financial accounting. I am responsible for maintaining the quality and accuracy of the company's documentation, as well as establishing standards to guarantee the organisation's efficiency and, ultimately, customer happiness.

My knowledge in human resources management helps to reduce misconceptions, fosters innovation and creativity, and contributes to the development of a healthy culture. I ensure that we supply everything required for the ultimate clients' delight, and that we have always considered our passionate clients as our strength, and that we have achieved our aim by penetrating to their needs. 

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